Default status of alg in juniper

The following list describes the default status on each of these devices:

  • On all high-end SRX Series devices— FTP, TFTP, DNS, MSRPC, PPTP, SUNRPC, RSH, and TALK ALGs are enabled by default. All other ALGs are disabled.
  • On all branch SRX Series devices—The SQLNET and IKE-ESP ALGs are disabled by default. All other supported ALGs are enabled by default.
  • On all SRX Series devices — The RSH ALG is disabled by default.

The following list describes the output fields for the show security alg status command.

  • srx > show security alg status
ALG Status :

  DNS      : Enabled

  FTP      : Enabled

  H323     : Disabled

  MGCP     : Disabled

  MSRPC    : Enabled

  PPTP     : Enabled

  RSH      : Disabled

  RTSP     : Disabled

  SCCP     : Disabled

  SIP      : Disabled

  SQL      : Disabled

  SUNRPC   : Enabled

  TALK     : Enabled

  TFTP     : Enabled

  IKE-ESP  : Disabled

Output fields are listed in the approximate order in which they appear.

  • DNS—Domain Name Server
  • FTP—File Transfer Protocol
  • H323—H.323 protocol
  • MGCP—Media Gateway Control Protocol
  • MSRPC—Microsoft remote procedure call
  • PPTP—Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol
  • RSH—UNIX remote shell services
  • RTSP—Real-Time Streaming Protocol
  • SCCP—Skinny Client Control Protocol
  • SIP—Session Initiation Protocol
  • SQL—Oracle SQL
  • SUNRPC—Sun Microsystems remote procedure call
  • TALK—TALK program
  • TFTP—Trivial File Transfer Protocol
  • IKE-ESP—Internet Key Exchange and Encapsulating Security Payload

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