A Practical Guide to Testing Object-Oriented Software Addison-Wesley Professional free download

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In this book, two leading O-O test researchers and consultants outline a start-to-finish methodology for testing: what to test, why to test it, how to test it, who should do the testing, and when. The book is organized around a task orientation, encompassing testing models; testing components, systems and subsystems; and planning for testing. The authors review the unique challenges associated with object-oriented software testing, offer practical insights into testing priorities, introduce each leading testing technique, and walk step-by-step through applying them. They review the development of custom test software, and demonstrate how to strengthen the ties between testing and the rest of the development process.


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Features include a detailed object-oriented testing FAQ, and a running case study that ties together all stages and elements of O-O testing. For every IT manager, project manager, software developer and engineer, and for any professional concerned with the measurement of software quality.


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